TF Cable Americas is a US corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of TELE-FONIKA KABLE S.A.. The company is the 3rd-largest electrical cable manufacturer in Europe, the 14th-largest globally and is recognized as a world-class producer of cables for utilities, mining, alternative energy, portable power generation and other heavy industries.  TF Cable operates 7 manufacturing facilities and distributes products through 8 subsidiary offices worldwide.


Flexible Power and Control Cable 300V & 600V

Drill Cord Mining 600V
SJOOW Portable Cord 300V
SOOW Control Cable 600V
SOOW Portable Cord 600V 105C
SOOW Power Cable 600V MSHA
SOOW Power Cable 600V
SOOW-H07RNF Portable Cord 600V



Industrial Power Cable 600V

Stage Lighting 600V 105C
Welding Cable EP 600V 105C
Welding Cable EP-CPE 600V 105C



Industrial Power Cable 2000V

G 2000V 90C
G-GC 2000V 90C
Pump Cable Flat With Ground 2000V
Pump Cable With Ground 2000V
Pump Cable Without Ground 2000V
RHH RHW-2 RW90 DLO 2000V
W 1/c 2000V 90C
W 1/c Extra Flexible 2000V 90C
W 2/c 2000V 90C
W 3/c 2000V 90C
W 4/c 2000V 90C
W 5/c 2000V 90C



Mining Power Cable 2kV – 25kV

G Flat 2/c 2000V Mining
G-GC 2000V Mining
G-GC Flat 3/c Mining
MP-GC 5000V/8000V/15000V EPR-CPE
MP-GC 5000V/8000V/15000V XLP-PVC
SHD-GC 2000V/5000V/8000V/15000V/25000V
SHD-PCG 2000V/5000V/8000V
W 3/c Mining
W 4/c Mining
W FLAT 2/c 2000V Mining
W Flat 4/c 2000V Mining



Specialty Cables

Electric Vehicle Cable 600V
SH 5000V/8000V/15000V/25000V/35000V



Utility Cables

Grounding Cable 600V
Jumper Cable 5kV – 15kV
HVP High Voltage 69kV/115kV/138kV/161kV/230kV