Founded in 1916, IDEAL has solutions that make electrical connections quickly and reliably with a full line of high-quality connectors and application equipment. Designed with the requirements of the OEM, standards agencies, and the electrical code in mind, IDEAL products offer the innovation, quality, and reliability manufacturers require.



Wire Termination

Twist-On Wire Connectors
Push-In Wire Connectors
Luminaire Disconnects
Grounding Products
Street Light Kits
Crimp Connectors
Terminal Strips and Blocks
Electrical Crimp Terminals
Insulation-Piercing Connectors
Set Screw Connectors

Test & Measurement

3-Phase Testers
Circuit Breaker Finder
SureTrace™ Circuit Tracers
Clamp Meters
Digital Light Meter
Ground Resistance Meters
Insulation Testers
Non-Contact Voltage Testers
Receptacle Testers
SureTest® Circuit Analyzer
Voltage and Continuity Testers
Discontinued Testers


DataComm Connectivity
DataComm Tools
Datacomm Testers

Wire Management

Fish Tapes
Fuse Pullers
Insulated Hand Tools
Insulated Tool Kits
Test & Measurement